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Virginia -

Posted 2010-06-06

Hi I am writing from Toronto Canada. I recently got back from seeing Dr. Durtnall @ the Sayer Clinic London. My story is this: One year horrible pain that started from excessive sitting at work / computer. I had all the tests.. x-rays, bone flow scan, ct scan, mri, bone density on and on. I even had an extra x-ray specifically showing just the coccyx / si joints. All showed nothing. Of course! because nothing was wrong with me right!? I tried naproxen, sulfa-salozine (my doctor at the time said the pain was from my bowels) etc. nothing helped with the pain. I refused cortisone and pain clinics! I was left on my own totally to sort out what sort of doctor I should see, get their names, place of employment etc. Do I see a neurologist or an orthopedic doctor? I don't even know what's wrong with me!! I saw both by the way.. along with 2 osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physiotherapist, rheumatoid /arthritic doctor, G.I. specialist. Still no one could help me and no one could tell me what was wrong. I'd never even heard of a 'coccyx' at the time, I just knew I was in horrible, unrelenting, gnawing pain. Any ways after a year I found Dr. Durtnall through this site (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). Read the personal experiences people had with him and emailed him. I came into work the next day to find he had emailed me back!!!!!!!!!! A doctor that actually cares!!??.... this can't be!!! A doctor who's not rude and dismissive!!???

He asked me to email him my x-rays, he reviewed them and although he wasn't able to see the coccyx very well he did comment back. I was never charged for this by the way.

The fact that he took the time to do this plus the other personal experiences I read was enough for me to decide to go see him. I booked my seats at the exits on the plane for extra room to lean forward, stand or lay and I flew through the day. These things made the journey much easier, plus my coccyx cushion. I saw him everyday for 2 weeks. He, as someone else said, is everything others said he would be. Very professional, kind, caring and funny.

He brought me in reviewed everything, gave me another, smaller and better!! X ray only just of the area of concern. Within seconds it was up on the computer and I have to say that even I could see what was wrong!! This first bone in my tailbone was pushed in and tilted on an angle. So I guess there WAS something wrong with me after all!! He immediately did an internal adjustment and I could hear the joint creaking like an old floor. There is absolutely NO PAIN AT ALL!!!!!!! The feeling of someone moving your bones around from inside is, at the very most, odd. He did acupuncture… PROPERLY!! He could feel, from the internal exam, exactly where particular muscles were cramped and from there could determine exactly were to start the acupuncture. I had one muscle in particular that was rock hard and I'm sure was partially causing the pain. It was exactly in the area I started to feel sort of referred pain when this whole episode started. So I guess it had been wound up for a year.

After the third visit, just to check, I very gingerly sat back…. I could actually sit back in a chair like a human being again!!!! I'm convinced I could have done this sooner but never tried. I tried to sit back just before I left to see him and there was no way I could do it the pain was unreal!!

When I left he said I was about 70% better. He gave me some exercises, general advice and offered to work with whatever doctor I have back home. To my knowledge there is no one that does internal adjustments for this problem in Canada, at least none of the umpteen doctors and specialist I saw knew of any or offered this as a viable option for treatment. Although I do have to say the 2 osteopaths I saw supposedly do this. The first one did nothing, the second did an internal but just felt around and said my tailbone was off to the right (No it wasn't) but never actually did any therapy. Whereas with Dr. Durtnall as soon as I walked in he got right down to business and treated me, no messing around. I intend to go back to see him and I know undoubtedly I will be cured of this evil plague! Dr. Durtnall not only treated me but gave me hope, optimism and my life back!!

Thanks Michael!!

Posted 2011-09-25

2 years after initial coccyx pain

I believe myself to be around 90 to 95% better. I have been going to an excellent masseuse, she has extensive knowledge of the body and really is more like a therapist. She severely injured her tailbone herself so knew what I was going through. I have been going to a chiropractor, though he doesn't specialize in tailbone treatment, I believe working on my hips and the rest of me has kept everything moving. I have also been seeing a good osteopath, who has been stretching the ligaments around the tailbone and working on my hips and back in general. I have been doing stretches for gluts and piriformus myself and am finally well enough to get back to exercise. I will be starting some acupuncture for the muscles around the tailbone as it sometimes feels as though I am sitting on something hard on the area flanking the tailbone.

I have also been back to England to see Dr. Durtnall another two times and will be going to see him again soon. It is hard to know if any one thing or all things have helped, all I know is that I can sit and can sit back, although I still use a coccyx cushion at work and in the car and plane, I never sit for long without it but I CAN sit now and can lean back or sit cross legged on the floor and even lean back on my arms. There was no chance of doing that before. I have been through several masseuses and osteopaths, you really need to keep trying new people until you find the right one even though it is difficult to do when you are in pain. Just before my coccyx problem my father died and I also had horrible pain in my wrist. I was not only running around for tests and doctor, specialist, therapist etc apts for my tailbone but also for my wrist. In the end I had to have surgery.. an ulna shortening on my arm. So I know how hard it is to persevere and stay positive.

I have not taken drugs, only in the very beginning and they did absolutely nothing. These are a necessary evil for many people and thank god it is available. I have since found out though that anti inflammatories in the form of suppositories are very helpful, although I did not try them myself, my masseuse did and found some relief. I heartily recommend going to a masseuse as the soft tissue becomes inflamed and this in turn will cause a domino effect for all other surrounding tissue and can go into your groin, hips, knees, back etc. it will exacerbate the pain you are already in. When I first went to her she said I was like a piece of 'wood'. I actually couldn't feel anything she was doing, even though she does deep tissue massage and digs into you with her elbow and all her body weight. This should have made me scream in agony but my muscles where so tight it felt like nothing.

I can say without a doubt that seeing Dr. Durtnall was crucial in my recovery. I have been to many people that 'say' they do internal adjustments, but do not! I have wasted a lot of time and money on charlatans but there seems to be no other choice, you never know what you're getting until you try.

All in all, I really wanted to post a positive update as there aren't very many and I wanted to give people hope. I remember when I was in my worst pain I just wanted to hear that it was at least POSSIBLE to get better. I found also that having something else important to me to focus and engaged my mind on besides my coccyx issue really helped. Hope this helps!

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