Two years of coccyx/tailbone pain

Mike J. -

Posted 2010-03-28

My ordeal began with someone sitting on my lap, while I was on a couch two years ago. That night while trying to sleep I awoke with a sharp pain in my tailbone/rectal area, and the only way to relieve it was to get up and walk around, or straighten my legs out from being curled up in a fetal position while lying down. Since that incident and for the last 2 years. the only way I can sleep is with Ambien. I almost need something to knock me out totally so that my mind and body can override the pain/discomfort in the tailbone/rectal area. I've been to countless doctors, and all they do is look at me like I'm crazy!! I have had an X-ray, MRI and bonescan of the tailbone area, but all were negative.

I was wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience, and what you've done for relief? I also have difficulty sitting on certain surfaces, especially soft ones, and was wondering if getting cortisone injections might be the answer? I have been living in GA, but am now in FL. I went to a physical therapist in GA, who did an internal manipulation of the coccyx, but that didn't really help much. I've also tried Biofreeze, pain meds, Voltaren Gel, epsom salt baths, physical therapy, but not much relief.

Any suggestions, thoughts on how I can back to a normal way of life and sleep would be great!

Mike J.

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