Pain relief with chiropractic adjustment

Susie -

Posted 2010-07-11

I am so surprised that most people do not know about the chiropractic adjustment that corrects this tailbone pain. I have had the same chiropractor for 25 years. The first time this happened to me was 20 years ago. The pain was indescribable. I thought I'd hurt my lower back. But, in fact, I'd knocked my tailbone out of whack. He did the adjustment (finger in the butt) and I was fine. I couldn't believe the relief!

Three months ago it happened again. Back I went, hoping that I wouldn't have to have this procedure again. But alas, I did. Actually twice to make it right.

Please let people know that this affliction can be fixed. It is not a painless procedure but it will get rid of the pain you are feeling for good.

Thank you.

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