My coccyx pain I can't figure....

Shelly -

Posted 2010-12-05

Hi my name is Shelly and I have been having pain in my tailbone for about 6 months, I have days where it is worse than others, it is a burning pain when I sit in certain positions and when I am sitting a long time. Some days it isn't bad at all.

But the pain gets worse when I am closer to my menstrual cycle and I also get more menstrual cramps longer now, I am getting the menstrual cramps up to 2 weeks before my cycle. And that is when the tailbone pain gets worse.

I can't figure it out, I take pain pills to make it go away and nothing. When I sit back in a chair that is when I want to jump up and go through the roof the pain is so bad.

Note from Jon Miles: Other women have found this problem with their menstrual cycle. Here is a search of for this problem.

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