Posted 2010-09-19

I have been a sufferer of chronic coccyx pain for 5 years. My pain developed out of nowhere with no injury whatsoever. I have tried many treatments including manual manipulations (Dr. Gotlin in NY), stretching, yoga, chiropractic, anti-inflammatories, ganglion impar injections (Dr. Foye in NJ), etc. (See Doctors and specialists in the USA.) I did receive some relief from Dr. Foye's treatment, but after about 2 years of treatment, I had a plateau in my pain and didn't really improve much anymore with subsequent treatments.

For the last year or so, I have been simply dealing with the pain and taking Vicodin as needed (which takes the edge of, but doesn't really take the pain away). Last week, my GP prescribed me Cymbalta 30. Recently, it was announced by Eli Lily that Cymbalta was approved or will be approved for chronic pain sufferers. My GP wanted me to take Cymbalta 30 for 2 weeks and then increase my dose to Cymbalta 60. After a week on Cymbalta, I have finally experienced a breakthrough in the pain. My pain has significantly diminished and I am excited to increase the dose to see if it diminishes even more. If you are like me and have tried many different treatments, give Cymbalta a try. I have a feeling it might not help those sufferers as much who have any injury or a misaligned coccyx, but that is just a guess. It might help you as it seems to be helping me. I will update my progress.


Note from Jon Miles: See also Kate's story. Cymbalta is also used to treat nerve pain in the feet, legs or hands that is due to nerve damage caused by poorly controlled diabetes. It is not a general painkiller, but seems to be able to control pain caused by nerve damage.

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