Long standing coccyx pain


Posted 2010-06-06

I started to experience a painful coccyx last year, which when sitting down over time, got progressively worse. I left it for a couple of months expecting it just to disappear but it started to bother me nearly all day, every day. It wasn't long before any kind of sitting would aggravate it, whether it was at work, on sofas or sitting up in bed.

I tried seeing a Physiotherapist, Osteopath and a Specialist Consultant. Each had their own diagnosis but none of them were particularly convincing or made the slightest bit of difference. I even had an MRI scan but it didn't reveal anything significant.

It wasn't until a colleague at work suggested I saw Dr Durtnall at the Sayer clinic (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) that I began to realise that I was not alone suffering with this problem. I read many reports online and immediately booked an appointment.

My first appointment was 1 hour long and consisted of answering some simple questions, x-rays, general examination and manipulation. Dr Durtnall talked me through the problem and gave me some simple exercises I could do at home or work. It was a huge relief to find such a professional and knowledgeable Dr who knew the problem immediately, and I was completely surprised to find that even after the first treatment, I could feel the difference.

I have now been having treatment with Dr Durtnall for a few months and the improvement is so significant that I hope to make a full recovery very soon.

I hope this is helpful and that you do not have to wait as long as I did to find a cure to the pain.

All the best, Clare

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