The pain REALLY hurts as I stand


Posted 2010-07-04

I've had coccyx pain for over a year now, not sure what caused it. I sit at a desk all day at work then go to class twice a week and sit there for another 4 hours on top of the 8 I already sat at work. I switched chairs at work and for about 2 months my tail bone was fine. However my boss refused to buy me a new chair without a Doctors note.

I went to a doctor who was a so-called specialist, he took one x-ray and said "oh your second bone from the end is tilted" he didn't examine me at all. But was willing to give me a cortisone shot. Which I did not accept.

So I've been sitting on a lobby chair at my desk and it now too is causing me pain. The pain is dull while sitting then as I stand it REALLY hurts. It does not hurt when I sit on a couch or on my bed. Could it be because of weight gain? What can I do to relieve the pain? or is it the chair?

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