This is absolute hell on Earth


Posted 2010-10-03

I am an active duty military dependent. Before I got married, I visited a doctor when I initially thought I had a polynidal cyst. The doctor touched my tailbone and when he touched it, it was so excruciating I screamed. I gave birth to an 11 lb. baby with no anesthesia, but this kind of pain was astronomical in comparison. The dr. told me that my tail bone was broken, and ordered an x-ray which showed multiple unhealed fractures and a large deviation to the left as well as a bend in the bone resulting from a tiny, weak muscle in the coccyx that was able to pull the bone up after the integrity of it was compromised from the fractures.

Now that I am a military dependent, I have spoken with my primary care physician who said that surgery is out of the question and prescribed celebrex which worked for 3 weeks. I then began to see a chiropractor which works for a day or two after manipulation. However, when my period comes the pain is so severe I can barely move. I am unable to sit as I have to change positions frequently which has misaligned my hips so much that my right leg was 1 inch shorter than the other when I went to see the chiropractor at my first visit. The pain extends to all of my pelvic bones I guess because they're misaligned due to the weird positions I sit in to try to alleviate my pain.

I have contacted a surgeon who regularly performs coccyxgectomies I found close to where I am from and, if Tricare will approve care, I will be moving 3,000 miles away from my husband temporarily with the hopes that I can have a coccyxgectomy. The pain has come to a point where, it takes me a VERY long time to get up from a sitting position as when pressure is removed from my tail bone it gets exponentially worse.

I absolutely cannot tolerate anymore. I never say a word to anyone. But people frequently question why I'm "fidgeting" and I get sick of telling everyone my tail bone is broken, as I'm a very private person. But this is absolute hell on Earth and if it means leaving my husband for a month or two to get help, I'll do anything to make this pain stop.

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