Still in pain despite treatment

Madavan -

Posted 2010-03-28

I am Madavan from Coimbatore, India. I got injured in the coccyx area when I got hit by my brother who is mentally disturbed. At first I got all sorts of X rays, and Doctors advised to take rest and avoid riding bikes and told me I can't do any thing positive as surgery is more risk.

I came across some Indian traditional medicine (Siddha, Ayurvedic) but no relief. Then I got a homeopathy Doctor who analysed my problem and after six months I got a relief. But I would go into trouble if I ride bikes for long.

Now I am experiencing very high pain and frustration, even though my Doctor (homeopathy) is continuing with treatment. I thought I could share this with you. It's been 7 + years of horrible experience (I am 31 now).

Update, 2010-04-25

As my pain continues, I had some more bad news (good news in some other angle). My MRI scan and digital X-rays came as Normal.

My doctor told me that the pain you are having is not real and due to psychological effect.

I am in real shock now. While my pain is real, while I literally cry daily of pain how it can't be real. WHAT TO DO?

Note from Jon Miles:

In my opinion, Madavan's doctor is incompetent. Doctors who specialise in treating pain would never suggest that a pain is not real. When you are suffering and faced with an incompetent doctor, it is essential to switch to another doctor, if possible one of the specialists recommended by other sufferers.

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