Infected pilonidal sinus

Erin -

Posted 2010-07-18

My story was rather a whirlwind, it was on a Saturday that I started to feel a sharp pain at the base of my spine, I assumed that I had bruised my tail-bone, but the next day, the pain had increased, and the next. I also became aware of several hard lumps under the skin. It hurt to sit, to walk, there were two comfortable positions, standing still or laying on my side. I downed some painkillers and grit my teeth.

I had made a appointment with the local GP for Tuesday. I described my symptoms and she said it was most likely caused by weight pulling on my spine, recommended a regime of diet and exercise and organised a follow up in a fortnight.

The next day I awoke to find that there was blood and fluid draining from the top of my cleft (crack in the vernacular), I booked an appointment , the next available being on Thursday.

That was when I found this site, after 3 hours of research, here and elsewhere, I was fairly sure that I had a Pilonidal Abscess. I took some more painkillers and several hot baths with diluted Dettol solution mixed in. I really think this helped.

The next day at the doctors I explained the changed circumstances and she examined the area. She said that it looked like an infected Pilonidal sinus and was draining well, and she did not even need to slice me open, but could resolve it by manipulation. 2 shots of Novocain and 15 moderately pain-filled moments later the abscess was drained and I was on my way out accompanied by a couple of prescriptions for antibiotics and painkillers.

From what I've heard I've been very lucky, I hope my luck holds.


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