Tailbone pain and no relief

Meredith - meredith_moore2002@yahoo.com

Posted 2010-01-24

OK, I will try to sum this up as much as possible. I have a son who is 11 and have had ongoing back issues since having him, and scoliosis on top of it. I have just been dealing with the pain.

March 2008 I gave birth to a daughter, I do not remember any popping, but then again, I had 3 failed epidurals. The moment after I had her, I knew something was wrong, but did not address it with my OB until the 6 week pp appt. He said it was probably bruised, and gave me tylenol #3. Yeah, OK , pain still there.

I went to an orthopedic surgeon referred to me from a family member. He said it is coccyx, without doing an MRI or any test, just went on with what I told him. He gave me a cortisone injection, I had some relief for maybe 2-3 weeks. I went back to him, he gave another injection and pain meds. After seeing him for several months and no relief, he said he could not help me with my problem and referred my to a group of pain specialist. I did not see them, I use to work in pain medicine, and know how it operates.

Also to add to things, I am a single parent and due to the pain I have been in the last 6 months or so, I cannot work! Therefore, I do not have insurance!!!!! My back kills me if I stand too long and sitting is unbearable after 20 minutes, my tailbone feels as though someone kicked it as hard as possible! I finally cannot take it anymore and I am in the process of insurance. Like I tell my family, I cannot live my life this way. I have to live around my pain of the coccyx and my back, and I am only 31, I should be able to sit on the floor, go to the movies, play at the park with my children.

I plan on sending an update after I go see a different. By the way, I've read some of the other people who've wrote on coccyx, and you are so right about when you tell the doctor your symptoms, they look at you so dumb founded! I hope everyone including myself will get the relief that will all deserve.

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