Your coccyx pain is real

Barb -

Posted 2010-06-13

In 1983 I went snow skiing with a friend. Such fun we had, I was falling all over the place and laughing at myself. After eight months of increasing extreme pain I had my coccyx removed. Doctor was NOT a specialist but I needed that thing to be taken out by anyone. It has been, by far, the worst pain I have ever experienced.

After surgery doctor showed nurses that coccyx was shattered like pieces of glass and tearing at tissue, all was infected. On the x-ray that was taken all it showed was a cloudy area around the coccyx, they cannot always see this issue, so don't despair.

Anyway, here I am 64 yrs old, living alone, just moved to another home, and the pain is back. With a vengeance. Feels like a hot poker has been shoved up at point of previous surgery. Severe spasms now, pain down both legs, legs give out, very weak legs. Going to pain clinic Tuesday and hope and pray I get injection. I did have to go in 2 yrs ago for injections due to spinal stenosis/sciatica, I was okay for 2 yrs (had series of 3 injections, both sides done). But this time way worse. I am almost bedfast at this point.

Can you believe I had a catscan done and when I read it I had to laugh as the doctor said "at the tip of coccyx inflammation/edema". I called the doctor who read this catscan to tell him I don't have a coccyx and I am curious that he "saw" one!? Also it said probable osteitis. And so, sadly we all are suffering, but people cannot understand and in my case, they don't accept this condition. But it is a difficult one to understand.

Each progressive year after surgery I have had to recline more and more. Thank God for laptops. And so, don't be hard on yourselves, don't believe so many of these doctors. Continue looking until you find a specialist, maybe as I am presently doing, at a pain clinic. But check references. If pain clinic doesn't work my next step is another surgery. I can't stand living this way anymore. God be with you all... my heart goes out to you.


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