Three weeks since I fell down stairs

Latha -

Posted 2010-01-03


I am a Type A personality, always busy, sole mother to a wonderful 7 year old and hold a full time professional (professorial) job to boot. I fell down my hard stairs three weeks as I was rushing to get laundry, broke my tailbone, didn't find time to diagnose it for another few days. Now I know my sacrum is separated from my tailbone and my tailbone is in two pieces. And I am hurting! I am on painkillers which help my tailbone a bit, but standing up and working at the kitchen counter and on the bed and on my tummy with my elbows and upper back balancing my whole body doesn't help at all. I had a massage today which worsened matters and I am suffering right now as we speak.

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences so the rest of can derive support and learn from it. Right now, my kindred spirits are those who understand coccyx pain! I will come back with more specific questions. Right now, your accounts keep me from crying or at least tearing up in understanding!


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