Unstable coccyx ... advise please

Lavanya - nlavanyareddy@gmail.com

Posted 2010-12-05


I've been having mild coccyx pain and it has gradually increased to a point where sitting down is painful though the pains are not as sharp as some others here on coccyx.org have described.

I went in for several x-rays, mri's, ct-scan and the ct-scan clearly showed that my coccyx is following gravity. It seems to be literally at 90 degrees when I'm lying down. I've tried painkillers, am on antidepressants but am yet to find a good doctor/therapist to help me out.

I would like to know if there's anything that can be done to fix it. I'm not open to surgery :((

I've read a lot about Dr Michael Durtnall in London and though he's half the globe away, I'd like to do anything possible to get my life back!


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