Unable to work since August


Posted 2010-11-28

Hi. My name is Sue. I'm a 38 year old flight attendant from the UK.

I started with coccyx pain about three and a half months ago. I had no trauma or accident. It just came on one afternoon. After several visits to the doctor, who gave me various painkillers which just upset my stomach, I had an MRI scan. It showed nothing. I had acupuncture, light massage from a physiotherapist and a steroid injection 2 weeks ago, all to no avail. The pain is worse if I sit for a long period of time, even on my Orthopaedic cushion. I cannot sit upright on a hard surface and it is worse towards the end of the day.

I haven't been able to work since August as I have a very physical job and have a very long journey to get to work.

I also appreciate that a lot of people reading this have been suffering for years. You have my total sympathy!! I am just getting very frustrated about the lack of information there seems to be and to be honest, a little bit desperate!! I don't know what to do next. I'm just looking for any suggestions!!!


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