Just diagnosed coccyx pain - familiar symptoms?

A. R. York - allenyork@nc.rr.com

Posted 2010-11-28

I am 45 years old, male, and in good shape. I have had on and off pain while sitting for maybe a year - it is much worse going from sitting to standing. The pain may last a week or less and happens maybe once every two months. At one point it got bad enough for me to go see a doctor, which means it must have been pretty bad because I don't go to the doctor much. The doctor had no idea what it was based on my description.

I have not had a recent trauma (fall), but over the years have had numerous (ice skating, roller blading, etc.) and used to ride (and race) off-road motorcycles, which must be one of the worst things one can do to a back.

The point of pain is very distinct and easiest to pinpoint in the shower with soap. When I soap up the area around the end of the tailbone (above the anus by a bit) and run my finger across it, there appears to be an internal lump or swollen area. My best description is that it feels almost like I would think a tendon would feel - sort of an elongated shape and tough-feeling. With pressure, it hurts.

Also, I have noticed a strange, heavy-like or slight-burning type of feeling in the muscles of my upper leg and lower bottom (glutes) when I start mild physical activity. Until today, I had thought these things to be unrelated. Now I wonder if they are related after reading many of the posts.

I would appreciate any confirmation of any similar symptoms (and relief exercises) that readers have experienced.

Thanks, Allen

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