Surgery for pilonidal sinus left my tailbone exposed

Anonymous -

Posted 2010-04-05

I really hope someone can give me some answers.

It all started when I had a recurring pilonidal sinus cyst which needed to be removed. The surgery did not go well and I had 4 infections in the months that followed. Eventually the wound healed from the inside out as my stitches had burst. Around 4 months after the operation, the pain became chronic again and the fevers also started. I was waking up during the night with raging fevers and felt almost paralysed from moving in my bed. This would continue during the day but night time was always the worse. I would be extremely hot then extremely cold and shaking uncontrollable. After a few days the fever disappeared but left me feeling exhausted. Life then carried on as normal apart from the constant pain still in my tailbone area.

I was sent for an MRI scan, which showed I had an old fracture in my tailbone. My consultant also pointed out that tailbone was completely out of alignment and veered to the right. I had a white cell scan which showed nothing and numerous blood tests done that did not show anything either. A few times, I did have bloods done at my local GP's when I had the fevers and they indicated that I had high CRP levels. My Doc explained that there could be an infection somewhere in my body. Again, nothing ever came to light.

Eventually my consultant offered cortisone injections as the pain was unbearable. They did take the edge off the pain and while I was having them no more fevers!! I have now had my quota of injections and the chronic pain has returned and so have the fevers. I had an episode a few days ago and really thought I was dying. I actually ended up at A&E as the pain was so bad and the Doc there told me I have no tissue surrounding my tailbone area (this must have been removed during the sinus operation). My next appointment with my consultant is in a 1 week and I really do not know what to expect. This pain is controlling my life.

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