Coccyx pain treatment given by Dr. Rajveer

Vhsmaniam -

Posted 2010-10-17

I am 62 years old from Chennai, India. I have L4, L5 problem from my younger days which is very much under control.

I returned from a visit to USA last month and had unbearable pain of the coccyx (tail bone). I had gone on roller coaster rides in the theme parks there without knowing the consequences. A digital x-ray showed slight shift of the coccyx. From the internet I found Dr Rajveer, (see Doctors and specialists in India) and rang him. He is a physio with doctorate degree and heads the Sagar Hospital Physio therapy Jai nagar Banglore. He seems to be very knowledgeable about coccyx pain, causes and treatment.

He put me on a rigorous exercise regime for the three days I was in Banglore under his personal guidance. I got 40% relief. He had asked me to follow the exercise for a month and meet him again. I am following his advice. I am very much relieved now (about 60%)

I with great assurance strongly recommend Dr.Rajveer for consultation on coccyx pain and related injuries. I will keep posted of my improvements.

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