There was a loud popping sound during vomiting

Candice -

Posted 2010-04-11

I became pregnant with my first child 4 years ago, although I was truly excited and elated I had 9 long months of morning sickness that made it hard to enjoy my first pregnancy. I would vomit up to 17 times a day, and I never had a single day go by that I didn't throw up at least twice. I was vomiting crouched over a toilette at 7 months pregnant and my husband was rubbing my back, and there was a loud popping sound. With the sounds you could feel this eerie crunching kind of feeling in my tailbone area (my husband heard the sound and felt the "crunching" through my back), but with no pain at all. So we both thought hmmm that was weird oh well I guess no biggie. But as I got up from the floor I felt incredible pain that put me back to my knees. And so this is how it started....

3 and half years later I have delivered 2 children and been to an uncountable amount of doctors for the pain I am in every single day. Unfortunately no doctor I have been to has ever heard of anything like this happening. Although not all of them believe it's impossible to have hurt my tailbone this way they have ALL suggested that this pain may in fact be in my head and perhaps I would be better helped by a psychiatrist. And I have never been sent for x-rays. I have started to believe at times that perhaps it is myself making up the pain, but if I want it gone so bad why would I keep imagining it's there? I don't understand. I'm not a very dramatic person, and in fact I try very hard to live a normal life with my two young boys, however I am forever paying for it. I have tried homeopathic care, and also traditional chiropractic care which I unfortunately have not received any relief from.

I am currently being referred for an internal adjustment, I am looking for anyone who has received one of these, I have pretty usual questions- what is your situation, how long ago did you do it, how often did you do it, did it work? I did receive some very wonderful acupuncture which helped relieve some of the pain (not all) but it still made long car rides and climbing through the park and bowel movements a little easier.I actually remember the pain from delivering my children because on a bad day a bowel movement will actually give me flash backs, I will walk out of the bathroom with tears streaming down my face. It's embarrassing, and life altering and after reading so many stories on this site I feel like there are so many good stories but still so many bad. And how do I find out if I'm a good candidate for surgery, or even just get in to see a specialist (my doctor won't send me to see a specialist until I do steroid injections and I'm not looking for a bandaide to the problem, I'm looking to fix it)?

I can't tell you how much I appreciate this site, thank you so much, and I will update my story as time goes on and things change.... or don't change....

If you can help my answer any of questions, or if you have questions about my story, please feel free to e-mail me

Thank You again


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