This is NOT something to be embarrassed about

Kate -

Posted 2010-07-18

Hey everyone! I read these stories and I see so much of myself in everyone of them! I have dealt with coccyx pain for about seven months now. I did not see a doctor until recently. I just couldn't take it anymore.

I am a 23 year old female, and I teach reading remediation. I thought sitting at my horseshoe table for six hours started giving me my pain, so I waited until summer to see if the pain would go away. Unfortunately, it didn't. I was embarrassed to see a doctor, so I put off the appointment for as long as possible. I finally gave in and went to see my normal doctor. She made me feel so normal. Like this was something people deal with everyday. She took x-rays of my tailbone, and come to find out mine literally bends at a 90 degree angle. It reminded me of a table top when I looked at my x-rays. It obviously was so intriguing, that three doctors, an intern, and an ray intern stared at my x-rays for quite sometime.

I only have two options. I can live with this, or I can get my tailbone reshaped with surgery. I am avoiding surgery as long as I can. I just wanted everyone who reads this know that this is NOT something to be embarrassed about. I conquered my fears and went to the doctor. I finally know what's wrong. It is going to feel so good when I sleep at night because I have an answer. I hope people will read this and find strength to go to the doctor to find out what's wrong.

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