Exercises give me instant relief

D. Giberson

Posted 2010-11-21

I've been having pain on my lower tailbone for about 9 months now. It appeared after sitting for a long period at a meeting on a metal chair. I got home and couldn't believe the nagging pain I was having. Pain killers didn't relieve the problem. The pain persisted for days and seem to then come and go over the last 9 months. It never became disabling but I dreaded when I need to sit for long periods on hard chairs. I was always repositioning to relieve the discomfort. My doctor told me it was related to coccydynia and that there was not much that could be done. If I wanted I could get an x-ray to confirm. I decided to see if this would go away on its own and it hasn't.

This week I am taking a course and need to sit for long periods (8 hrs) for 6 days. After the first day the discomfort was getting worse and I needed to figure out seriously how to get this fixed. I took Aleve and proceeded to do some looking on the web and also intended to call my doc on Tuesday to get that x-ray. I then stumbled upon your website. I proceeded to read through the experiences of others and came across the posting from R. K. Hennessy. I thought the exercise plan was a good start and also knew once I went to the docs office she would also recommend this since I don't have any current plan in place.

It was late at night and from the exercises described by R. K. Hennessy, I thought the only one I could start right there was the squats (see Exercise for coccyx pain). So I climbed out of bed and did 20. I then committed to start the treadmill the next evening. Well… I must say that the 20 squats was all it took… I noticed that in the morning there was no discomfort like I was feeling the night before. I thought maybe the Aleve kicked in so was cautious to say anything. It is now Wed evening and still no discomfort. It is a bit tender feeling but not in the sitting position. I have sat in the classroom for 2 days not without ANY discomfort. All is good…

I need to thanks personally R. K. Hennessy for sharing his experience.

All I can say is that today is good… lets see if this is lasting. Although my legs are killing me from the squats… I plan to continue and also hit the treadmill. Can it really be this simple?

I hope this helps others.

D. Giberson

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