Tail bone pain finally gone after 11 years

R. K. Hennessy - rhennessy@woh.rr.com

Posted 2010-11-14

I just have to let people know that I am pain free after over ten years of daily tail bone pain. I tried many things which provided some temporary relief, but I finally stumbled across something accidentally that has made the pain go away for over a year now. My tail bone pain was worst after sitting for extended periods like desk work, driving etc. I will summarize my history of tail bone pain by key point:

1. First felt pain at age 18 years old after riding in a car for 20 hours on a drive from Ohio to Florida. The pain remained for a few weeks after the trip, but eventually went away on its own.

2. The next time I felt pain was at age 35 years old and again it was after riding in a car for a long period of time. I went to see my family doctor after the pain remained for over a few weeks and he told me I had coxxydynia and said he had some success by injecting cortisone into the area of pain which I allowed him to do. It did get the pain to go away for about a year, but then it came back.

3. I returned to my doctor again and he suggested he inject the area again which I allowed him to do. This time the pain lessened for a few days, but then came back.

4. I lived with the pain for about a year after the ineffective injection, but finally got tired of it and went to see a physical therapist that claimed he had success with patients which involved "mobiliizing" he tailbone by internal manipulation. I allowed him to try the technique, but it did not help.

5. Now two years without relief, I researched a treatment at the Cleveland Clinic Pain Management part of the hospital. Their plan was to inject cortisone, however they would use a radioscope to be able to guide the injection to an exact location of the tail bone nerves. This cost me a lot of money and again did not provide me much if any relief.

6. A few years later I researched a technique called Rolfing which I have heard wonderful things about and went to see a Certified Rolfer to see if they thought they could help me. I went for two treatments, but got no relief.

7. At this point I pretty much gave up for a period of over 6 years and just did things like sit on a donut pillow or sit to one side of my rear to keep pressure off of my tail bone.

8. Finally I accidentally stumbled across something that has provided me relief for over a year now. While on a family vacation, my wife was doing a "Cross Fit" workout which included doing a high number of weightless squats. She asked me if I wanted to work out with her and I decided to do so. The work out was simple and was comprised of doing 15 push ups, 30 weightless squats (deep enough for my thighs to go a little past level with the floor) and a 400 meter jog. The workout was to repeat the above circuit as many times as possible in 15 minutes. I did the work out and reached about 4 sets of the circuit and it felt like I did get a good work out. I thought nothing of it, but noticed on the drive home a few days later from Florida back to Ohio (17 hours), that my tailbone felt much better that it had in years. I tried to recollect what I did and decided the squats must have either strengthened some muscles and or stretched some tight muscle groups in the tail bone area. When I got home I decided to try doing more of the weightless squats to see if it would continue to help and much to my surprise it eliminated the pain which I had lived with on and off for over 20 some years. I am no expert in physical therapy, so can only speculate that the good result was from stretching hypertoned muscles that where constantly tugging at my tailbone or tightening critical stabilizing muscles in the pelvis region. Regardless it worked for me. If anyone wants to try this, my workouts included a high count of weightless squats for about 3 to four sets of 30 reps about two to three times a week. It might sound too simple to work, but that's what ended my decades of pain. Please let me know it this worked for you. Good luck.

Sincerely, R. K. Hennessy


Demonstration of squats (not by the author of this post): repeatedly go from this position to standing. See Exercise for coccyx pain.

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