Back support reduces the pain

Anonymous -

Posted 2010-05-02

Having suffered from coccyx pain for 20+ years, I recently underwent internal manipulation and this has brought me no relief whatsoever - well it did for a day two, but if anything the pain has come back worse and more persistent.

I have not been able to sit for any length of time without suffering excruciating pain which is a pity because my job involves necessary long hours of sitting. But it also involves occasional bouts of intense activity and through this I seem to have hit on something. I recently bought a back support that you strap on around your waist as I strained my lower back muscles recently.

Wearing this (it's not all that pleasant as you feel like a trussed up chicken) I have noticed that I can sit for much longer (for instance 5 hours today) without much of the usual pain and I found I can even get up without feeling that awful shooting pain in the coccyx area. I am curious to know if anyone else has experience of a back support helping this condition and I am curious to know why it should help.

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