Can someone guide me where I can get help?

Lisa -

Posted 2010-09-19

Hello. My name is Lisa and I am a 26 year old mother of two. I fell down a set of stairs on my bottom and broke my coccyx in 2003. From 2003-2007 I was a secretary and would sit for eight hours a day. I've had horrible pain in my pelvis since 2003 and my family Dr did a super job sending me to different tests to see what was the problem. I've had a laparoscopy, biopsys of my cervix, ultrasounds, mri's, x-rays, seen a nerve specialist, gynecologist, when finally two x-rays confirmed that my coccyx is angled interiorly at 90 degrees. I'm set to have botox injections which the pelvic specialist said would help, temporarily. I've been suggested to have my coxxyx removed but my family Dr is having a hard time finding a surgeon who does this.

Its gone to the point where I cant work, sit, drive without bearing unbelievable pain. I got pregnant in 2006 and gave birth to my son in 2007 and my entire pregnancy was extremely painful.

I'm willing to travel wherever I can get treatment as I am in Lethbridge. It's affecting my muscles in my pelvis. The interior angle of my coxxyx is causing my pelvic muscles to constantly spasm. Can someone relate and or guide me where I can get help? I am on pain medicine for the pain but even so it is unbearable.

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