Broken coccyx during delivery of baby

Denise -

Posted 2010-12-19

I had a short labour with no pain relief, so when I broke my coccyx part why through the pushing stage I was able to hear and feel my tailbone break. 6 months later I was still in agony and had a lot of other complaints as I was favouring my coccyx. Backpain, knee pain, foot pain. My physio said my pelvis was out of alignment which was causing me to walk funny and my knees to turn. 14 months later it has healed a lot especially with the help of pilates. The exercises seemed to strengthen all the muscles and ligaments around the coccyx. I still have discomfort when sitting on hard surfaces or for too long, but nothing like the first 6 months.

My concern now is I am pregnant with our second child. Does anyone who suffered from a broken tailbone have experience with a natural birth since their broken coccyx. Should I be having a caesarean?

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