Surgery over 4 years ago

Lisa -

Posted 2010-10-03

Today I recommended this site to a friend. She had some questions about coccyx removal for her mother. I realize that if people are not having trouble they often don't seek out this board so I thought I would spread some good news.

I had surgery in January of 2006. I am so glad I did and this board helped me prepare for my surgery. My doctor is from Bloomington, Illinois, Lawrence Nord (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Illinois). I had asked many doctors if they knew of any surgeon that would remove my coccyx and I was told that "they do not do that anymore". So I started e-mailing all hospitals within 100 miles. I started with the closest and got an immediate response from OSF St Joseph Hospital in Bloomington Illinois. They would present my question to the surgical staff. How strange when I found an surgeon experienced in this procedure was only 15 miles from my home!

This procedure is uncomfortable, awkward and can be exhausting. Days of laying on your hips will make them sore. It is difficult to lay on your stomach or your back, somehow it pulls at the incision site. Make sure you have plenty of dressings, a toilet seat riser, and lots of baby wipes to keep extra clean also someone to help you the first few days after the procedure. My procedure was at a surgery center so I went home the same day. Immediately I could tell that the nagging pain was gone, I don't know how to explain the sensation. While I had surgical incision pain it was different than the sitting on a golf ball sensation I had for years.

It has been four and a half years and I have no pain in my coccyx region. The scar tissue becomes desensitized and frankly I never think about it until someone else complains about a broken tailbone.

Make sure you have an surgeon experienced in this procedure for the best results.

Good luck to all!

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