In pain again after 30 years

Sandy B -

Posted 2010-12-12

I fell down the stairs 30 years ago. The doctor said the tail bone was broken and pushed sideways, but there was no treatment. Two months after the accident I became pregnant with my twins and suffered with pain throughout my pregnancy. Over the years I have had occasional pain, but it has never lasted long.

For the past several months, pain has returned. I have been a runner for many years and this has never aggravated the situation. I added rowing and aerobics in the past few years. I am now retired and doing more sitting during the day. Also, I went to a chiropractor during this past spring and she used a drop board treatment. I am not sure why pain has returned and if I should consult a physician. Any suggestions about what I should do at home to relieve pain would be appreciated.

Sandy B

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