2 years of coccyx pain relieved in New York City

Judith - judith.gerber@baruch.cuny.edu

Posted 2010-10-03

I broke my coccyx 4 years ago at work. I had no problems until 2 years later after a fall. I had gone to a chiropractor after severe pain and swelling, and she suggested a donut, and recommended I see a surgeon. The surgeon said no surgery, and suggested conservative treatment. He also suggested steroid shots, which I was totally against; I have osteoporosis. I also read about the diminishing benefits of steroids. Chiropractic only helped the pain temporarily, and I carried that donut around with me wherever I went.

Then I found this website and read most of it. I really wanted to find a woman doctor because I was embarrassed, but decided to go with Dr. Robert Gotlin, who is a top doctor (see www.castleconnolly.com) and works at the Beth Israel Medical Center. I had about 8 treatments of internal manual manipulation, and now I feel fine! (Information about him is on this website, see Doctors and specialists in the USA, New York) . He takes some medical insurance but not GHI, but if he doesn't take your insurance, he does give a discount.

THANKS, DOC, and thanks coccyx.org!

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