Improvement with tailbone-friendly cushions and manipulation

Anonymous -

Posted 2010-09-26

BACKGROUND: 38 year old male, I'm physically active and healthy. Here's my story, I hope it can help or give you some perspective on your coccyx pain. My gradually come on in 2 months. I've had some tailbone traumas (falling on it) when I was much younger (teens) but nothing recent. I do, however, sit around a lot at my job and I suspect that and poor posture putting pressure on my tailbone was the initial cause of it. In any case, I started to get this pain in my tailbone... sometimes sharp, but mostly painful when sitting. It was definitely aggravated by prolonged sitting and would last throughout the day, even in non-sitting positions. It wasn't yet a chronic issue but it was affecting my quality of life. So after a couple months, I decided to go see someone

DIAGNOSIS: I ended up going to Dr. B. Chan here in Seattle (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Washington). I got the referral from the database on this site. He's a chiro but has seen quite a few tailbone patients. So we did the sit/stand x-rays and usual q&a. Turns out there was some stiffness and isolated pain at the tip of the tailbone (distal joint). In my case, it was extended out (extension) instead of curling in. There was also tightness around the muscles of the joint.

WHAT WAS DONE: I ended up getting some tailbone-friendly cushions for my car and work. That helped to stop some of the aggravation. We also tried some external manipulation at the clinic without significant success so after about 4 sessions, we went ahead and tried internal manipulation. It took about another 4 sessions before I got significant relief. After one particular session, the pain all of the sudden fell off next day. It was odd, not a gradual drop but just a major change. I think it was a combination of no aggravating it (posture, cushions) and the internal manipulations allowing increased flex on the joint. There after, the pain levelled off... I'd say about 65-70% improvement. I still get discomfort and aches when I sit on it wrong or for a long time, but not quite the level of pain like before. More of a discomfort. I still use the cushions and I augment that with proper sitting posture and Kegal exercises. I'm hoping the pain diminishes over time. All in all, I had 10 sessions at the clinic about half internal manipulation, half external, in a period of about 4-5 months.

I'm much more aware now with how I sit and tailbone related movements. Whether I am doing yoga or playing sports or watching movies, I'm careful not to aggravate it. Like I said, I don't get the sharp pain anymore, but the joint is still tender to the touch. However, it's not getting any worse so I'm hoping it will improve over time. If not, when my insurance renews, I will consider the option of going back in to get the manipulations to see if we can get greater movement/flex on the joint. Good luck on your rehab!

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