Tailbone pain when I go to stand up

Sharon - sdowen01@gmail.com

Posted 2010-03-21

Hi I am suffering from a weird coccyx pain. I haven't had any type of accident that I know of where I hit my coccyx or anything. I actually hurt the bottom of my right foot approximately 8 months ago and because I'm 50 lbs overweight my hurt foot turned into Plantar fasciitis, which was extremely painful. Anyway's while I was suffering with this foot problem, I was sitting a lot. Well after about 6 months my foot pain started subsiding and out of the blue I started feeling this terrible pain in my tail bone. But I only feel the pain when I go to stand up. I have no pain while I'm sitting, just excruciating pain when I try to stand up. I have to lean forward for a few seconds to take pressure off my coccyx, then I can stand up with little pain. But if I'm sitting for any length of time and I stand straight up there is a unbelievable amount of pain in my coccyx.

What in the world could be causing this pain? It's like a rebound type of pain. It doesn't hurt when I'm sitting, just when I go to get up, once I'm standing there is no more pain. I'm really worried. I've been losing weight but that doesn't seem to change the pain at all.

Thanks in advance for any helpful comments or advice,


Note from Jon Miles - That symptom of an acute pain as you rise from sitting is typical of a coccyx that is dislocating when you sit down, then springs back when you stand. See Symptoms of coccydynia. It doesn't show up on a normal x-ray, because you are not sitting. There is a test, the dynamic sit/stand x-ray, designed to show it up. Usually people have pain when sitting as well, so Sharon is unusual that way.