Severe tailbone pain for 10 years

Kim -

Posted 2010-02-28

Why don't we start camping? asked my husband and partner of 16 yrs. Trying to get my focus off pain. Great, hours of driving then sitting around a camp fire then sleeping in a swag. Can't hardly sit, can't hardly drive, haven't slept well in 10 years.

Severe tailbone pain for 10 years has wrecked my life, all but destroyed my marriage. Cost me a fortune in medical probes to no avail and tonight I am running away to a hotel room to cry the night away once I have put my 2 year old to sleep so my husband cant see me crumble.

Can't cope any more. How can I get back the bubbly girl who used to run, laugh and work so very hard at life. I have read other sufferers stories but just cant believe we have all been given such a horrible hand in life. Can't bear what this has done to my wonderful husband. He looks at me so coldly now. My precious baby boy keeps saying - mummy cry - mummy hurt. Its more than I can take.

Update, 2010-03-21

Had to give up acupuncture. To much stirred up pain. Have finally seen specialist. Was on a 14-month waiting list but my GP re assessed me to severe (about time). And I was in in one week. MRI has been scheduled soon. Now getting referred pain in left hip and crack very loudly when I do get up from sitting. People can hear it so now even strangers know my secret. Was still walking heaps so I could spend some fun time with my son but now hip has limited this.

Thank you to all those who emailed me, it was like a big hug. I live in Australia the land of opportunity except when it comes to specialists doctors. Fingers crossed.

Update, 2011-04-10

Hi all. Hadn't read my original post since posting it. Sorry if I sounded like a drama queen but things were pretty frustrated at that time. Last specialist appointment he gave me an internal and he said my tailbone was very sharp and he could click it in and out. He put me on his list for surgery right there and then. I hugged him and cracked a joke. He said at least you still got your sense of humour. My joke probably wasn't even funny.

19th of May is op date. I am aware of challenges ahead and although its my docs first coccyx removal, well I'm in a positive mind. So here is to a great result and in a few months I am going to take my beautiful family to the movies, without being a pain in the butt. ha ha.

Kim 40 years young.

Update, 2011-05-21

Op on Thursday, home on Friday. Fainted Saturday. Can't stay awake much. Very nauseous. can't get in and out of bed. Drugs great. Still positive. Whoohah morphine. Hubby and child doing great. Walking a lot too.

Update, 2011-07-03

6 weeks post op. Still significant pain and limited movement. Have had the runs since op and wound is still weeping. I've put on nearly 5 kilos so my clothes don't fit either. My 3 year old is getting pissed off with me too. I am still positive but it has been far worse than I thought. I have fainted 3 times from pain but wont take anything stronger than panadol by choice. The strong meds made me feel out of it and didn't help pain much. I drove the other day. Big no no. I had major discomfort for days. The best thing I can advise is gentle movement, walking and not to much laying around. If I layed down too much things would freeze up. Try not to sneeze. Ha ha

Update, 2011-07-28

8 weeks post op. Come to a stand still. I get electric shock pain which I have discovered is a sick neuron. It may eventually heal but it basically shoots signals out trying to find what it used to be attached to. Its some mind blowing pain and can happen 20 times a day or 100 if I do too much or too little. There is a mild antidepressant that can help but I don't want to go down that path just yet. Am a bit more flexible now and getting more sleep. Epsom salts is great for pain and I might try some yoga in the future. Happy days are ahead. I know it.

9 weeks post op. Have come to a stand still with recovery. No meds. Sleeping better. Can't drive for long. Wake up OK but by lunch pain is 7 out of 10. Sick neurons in both sides now. Its like they are having a duel. Gives me something to think about. Other sufferers have been great to talk to. Never give in.

Cheers from Australia.

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