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Heather -

Posted 2010-03-21

I broke/dislocated my coccyx in January and was having a hard time finding any relief six weeks later, especially while driving. I was seeing the chiropractor regularly and he provided me with a donut cushion. As mentioned by others, this didn't help much at all. I searched around the web and found this website and was just thrilled to read all the suggestions on your cushions and supports page!

I had to make a trip to see my ailing mother in March (2,000 miles round trip), so I was anxious to find some cushions/seats to help make the drive more comfortable. I decided to try a few of the suggestions above, and wanted to share my results from each of them:

#1 my favorite *BY FAR* was the "Noodle Seat" that Cheryl described for driving in my vehicle. (Honda Civic) We had an old noodle in our storage shed and plenty of duct tape lying around, so you couldn't beat the price. It wasn't pretty, but I can't sing its praises enough.

#2 Relaxo-Bak ($19.95 + s&h from RelaxoBak, Inc. was a suggestion by llcasey. I liked this item for really soft couches/chairs, and padded office chairs but it also worked well for sitting on the floor for short periods of time. Well worth the price, which I found quite reasonable.

#3 RelaxoBak Orthopedic Comfort Cushion with Velour Cover ($29.95 + $14.95 + s&h from RelaxoBak, Inc. ) which is a cushion with a back area cut out. This was the prettiest cushion I had, but the least effective. The only place that I found it useful was on a hard wood kitchen chair.

On the first half of the trip I exchanged the seats each time I stopped for a bathroom break and it worked fine. On the way home I only used the Noodle Seat, and it was great.

Thank you so much for having the information and suggestions on this website! I don't think I could have made my trip without it!!!




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