Coccyx injury during pregnancy


Posted 2010-01-24

I have been dealing with severe coccyx pain since the birth of my second child. When I was 8 months pregnant, I tripped over a partially inflated exercise ball and fell hard, landing right on my coccyx. So hard that when I stood up, my pants were wet. I wasn't sure if it was urine or amniotic fluid, so I went to the ER to be sure. It was just urine so they sent me home. But, my tailbone was sore, and when the baby was born 5 weeks later my tailbone was screaming in pain immediately after the birth. I had a fast, drug-free birth, and that was really the only discomfort I had afterward. The nurses said, "well, you probably knocked it in when you fell and then the baby pushed it out when she was born." They had noticed that as I was pushing the baby out, her head would retract when I stopped pushing. They thought that might be because the tailbone was bent into the birth canal and was pushing her back in.

After the birth, in addition to the coccyx pain, I started having pain and bleeding with bowel movements. This came and went, but never stopped altogether. Actually it evolved into horrible itching. Just terrible. I've recently learned that this can be related to a coccyx problem, since the nerves that run to the rectum and anus travel in front of the coccyx. These issues, combined with coccyx pain from sitting down, made me very uncomfortable most of the time. It seems to have gotten worse in the last month or so, so I started trying to find answers. (My doctor, of course, had nothing to say about it) I found your website, which has been terribly helpful. And started seeking out some help from my regular chiropractor. He strength tested me and determined that it was, indeed, subluxated, and tried to adjust it, but got nothing. Coincidentally, he had just welcomed a new chiropractor to his office, Ed Dunton, who specializes in pelvic work, so he had me go see him for a coccyx adjustment. He did a tissue pull adjustment, which just means he put his hand on the skin in my butt crack, right on the tip of the tail bone, and quickly pulled up towards my head. Once. The entire procedure took less than 30 seconds. The first time he did it I didn't really feel anything. But I came back a week later and when he did it the second time I could feel and hear the bone moving. My 4 year old daughter was in the room and she heard it too! I have felt great relief since. GREAT relief. I can sit in my car without fidgeting, I even was able to sit down on a milk crate and eat lunch with my kids at the kids' picnic table yesterday! Interestingly, the anal itching and pain has subsided a bit, but the bleeding started again. I'm hoping this is some sort of healing crisis, but there is definitely some change happening. He is recommending 6 weekly treatments to get the coccyx back to where it should be. I'll be back next Monday for my third treatment. I'd be happy to keep you updated if you'd like.

UPDATE: I actually waited to send this until I felt the issues had been resolved. It is now January and I feel like I am finally coming close to the end. I have been seeing Dr Dunton once a week for at least 4 months now. I can sit in my car without my special foam seat. I still feel some discomfort when sitting on a hard surface, especially the floor, but I do feel that Dr Dunton helped me quite a bit and I can wholeheartedly recommend his therapy. I also started seeing a great acupuncturist, Cris Monteiro, in Providence, and I feel that the combination of therapies helped push my recovery along. The acupuncture clinic's website is here.

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