Coccyx pain after a very quick birth

Laura -

Posted 2010-03-21

I believe I have a fractured coccyx, here is my story that I would like to share. I think I have been quite lucky in some ways though. My doctors have been very supportive and after meeting with the orthapaedic surgeon a couple of weeks ago, he is very nice too and not at all against doing the surgery if I need it. I am now just waiting to have an MRI scan done to confirm what everybody thinks, this is my story.

I gave birth to my gorgeous boy on March 11th last year, it was a very quick birth lasting less than 2 hours in total. When I was laying on the bed after giving birth, the only real pain I complained of was in my bum. Of course the nurses just said oh, it is all to do with giving birth. I had a severe third degree tear so was on a lot of pain killers for a couple of weeks after. Once these stopped I noticed the pain again immediately, when I tried to explain it to my partner I said it feels like it is inside my bum!!!

I left it for a few weeks in the hope that it would just pass but it didn't. I eventually went to the doctors and they said the same as the nurses. When I went for my 3 month check up I told the gyny about it too he asked me a few questions and then said I think you may have fractured your coccyx during childbirth. I went home and told my partner and immediately went online to read all about it. I was referred to see an orthapaedic surgeon, the appointment finally came through for the end of October. The week before this appointment I got a letter saying that it had to be canceled, I was devastated. I phoned regularly to chase up my new appointment, I got my doctor to write to them too but nothing worked.

I then got an appointment through for the March 2nd this year. He was a very nice man and very down to earth. He also told me that he has no problems with doing the surgery to remove it if that is what I need. He told me that I need an MRI scan and then we will proceed from there. Now I am just waiting to have my MRI scan date through.

My life has been turned upside down by this. I used to do gardening for a living and was also a volunteer lifeboat crew for the RNLI. Neither of these I can do anymore, I cannot enjoy my son like I should be either. We live in a second floor flat and there is no lift, so the only time I can take him out is when someone is here to carry him up and down the stairs for me. It is awful, I cannot play with him like I want to or help him try to walk. I feel like I am so bloody useless to anyone, my partner is a gem he is there for me and I do not know how I would cope without him. I just want my life back, I want to be able to put my own shoes on, turn over in bed without crying in pain, lift my son without cringing.

I have been on morphine and many other tablets since August last year, yes they do give me some relief but not enough. I just want it all to be dealt with so that I can move on and start living again instead of being this lost soul who gets to sit and home and only go out with help. My son had his 1st birthday last week and we had a party at his nans house. After getting everything ready I was done, all I wanted to do was go to bed because I hurt so much. I cannot think of anything that I can do that does not cause me any pain. Going to the toilet is awful too and had no idea that it was possibly linked to this too until the surgeon said. I put it down to the amount of tablets that I was taking. I would not change a think though, my son is worth every ounce of pain that I suffer he is the most precious thing I have ever held in my arms.

Thank you for listening to me.


Hayling Island, England GB

Update, 2010-10-03

3 months ago I had a manipulation and injection to my coccyx to try to help, but it made it all a lot worse. I have suffered so much more after having it done.

I went back to see my consultant on the 23rd September and I am now booked in to have my coccyx removed on the 1st November. Everyone thinks I am mad being excited about having an operation, but if they knew what is was like to suffer with this then they would understand. I cannot wait, I know it is not guaranteed to work but I am being positive and hoping for the best. I will update again after my operation to let you all know how I am getting on.

All the best and speak soon.

Update, 2011-04-02

Well where do I start..... I had my coccyx removed on the 1st November 2010, today is the 30th March 2011 so I am 5 months post op. I would love to say that all is well and I am really glad that I had the surgery but at the moment that would be a lie. I am still suffering with back pain, I still cannot sit for long periods of time, I cannot lay on my back for long or do long car journeys. I also have other symptoms that have come about since the surgery too that no one told me would happen. I know they say that it can take up to a year to recover but I really thought that I would have been a lot further on by now.

I was in hospital for two weeks after the surgery and on so many pain killers it was very scary. After about 6 weeks I became very ill and could not keep any tablets down so had to stop taking all of them at once, which I know is something that no doctor would recommend but I had no choice. The doctor told me that my immune system was so low that the chances of catching bugs was very high. This was probably just a sickness bug but it did not feel like it. I was wiped out for over a week, could not eat could not sleep really could not do anything. Thankfully I have the best boyfriend in the world and he kept our gorgeous 18 month old son very well looked after. He managed to take care of everything and still does, I really do not know where I would be without him.

Anyway sorry back to the surgery. Once I had got over this nasty bug I decided to stay off all of the tablets to see how I got on. My doctor supported me through all of this, I have managed to stay off all of them up to today. I only take regular pain killers such as co-codamol and paracetamol which is unbelievable, to be honest I should be on something stronger but I know how I felt when on the strong pain killers and that is something I never want to go through again, I would rather be in pain. Yes the pain is still bad but I can deal with it, I have ok days and bad days. I also get these sharp pains that just happen and I end up in a heap on the floor in agony but they don't last for too long.

I can still feel the pain that was there before the surgery and this is definitely worse after sitting for anything more than 15 minutes. Sadly I am still having issues with my wound opening up, it is only what appears to be the outer layer of skin but is still very uncomfortable and very sore. I have issues with going to the toilet, it is very painful and can take ages to happen. I appear to have lost some control over my bladder!!!! I am just getting over a nasty cough and cold and have to admit to wetting a little bit when I coughed vigorously. I do my pelvic exercises regularly but this does not seem to have helped although I will still keep doing them as maybe that takes time too. I still have to use a walking stick and do struggle with stairs. I cannot walk far without leaning on something and the back ache I get from it is awful.

I am sorry that this is not one of the positive updates that some people have put on here but I guess it is not going to be a great result for everyone. I cannot think of what else to write but I will come back and update it again in the future. If you have any questions about anything I have written I will reply to you honestly.

I wish you all the best, Laura

Update 2018-11-11

I have tried so many things since my last update, including an epidural, radio frequency, steroid injections and more. Nothing worked at all, I didn't get any relief at all.

I had pretty much accepted that I had to get use to how it was when my orthopaedic surgeon said she would speak to a friend of hers. He is a neurologist and I was asked to complete a questionnaire. He believed I was a good candidate for the surgery to have a spinal cord stimulator fitted, and put my name on the list. I had gone from no hope to this and I was over the moon. My surgery is booked for the 5th December and I am keeping everything crossed. If anyone has any advice I would be very grateful.

I will update you as soon as I can.

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