Great idea from Mike with the Allman cushion

Carol -

Posted 2010-04-18

Thanks for the suggestion of the Allman cushion by Mike (see Coccyx cushions), which I ordered (one for home on for my office). Best money I invested in a long time! I've only used the cushion for the past 5 days, and I haven't had the pain trying to get out of my chair that I'd been experiencing for the past several months, probably because of the Soft gel covered with synthetic sheep skin, which is firm yet comfortable.

I'd been to a point of taking 4 or 5 minutes to be able to get out of my chair, as the pain in the coccyx area was so painful, and walking after doing so had me almost at a right angle, just took forever to straighten up. (My job keeps me sitting 10 to 12 hours a day and I do plenty of that at home either on the computer or reading. I'd had a surgery on my low back 4 years ago (herniated disk), and it seemed to have had a good result, but these recent 2 months, pain in the tail bone was setting in and making standing from a sitting position an ordeal. This firmness also improves my posture.

I gladly appreciate your help with my problem. Wonderful product!


Allman cushion Allman cushion

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