Not sure what this pain is

Jack -

Posted 2010-09-12

Hi, I found your website when trying google search about this pain I have sometimes. From what it seems, most people who have wrote in have said that the pain is pretty constant all the time. Both my mother and I have had a problem where infrequently, could be twice a month could be once in 2 months, we get this intense pain in the tailbone region. we both describe it as if someone put a vice on our tailbone and just keeps cranking down on it. It usually lasts anywhere from 45 mins to 2 hours. then it just fades away. The pain is very extreme.

I have never broken a bone but my mother says its just as bad. There's nothing at all that we have found that does anything to relieve it other than just waiting. we will pace around the room, run in place, or lie down and try to flex the muscles in that area as much as possible.

Also the pain will start out, to put it bluntly, in one ass cheek and slowly work its way to the other, and then it goes away.

Only when this pain is occurring is it difficult do anything. After it goes away, its like nothing could be wrong. No pain when sitting, anything. Does this still sound like coccydynia?

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