My story with Dr. Patrick Foye


Posted 2010-04-25

I had coccyx pain for more than 3 years prior to 2008. In my 30's I had fallen down on a wooden step straight onto my coccyx which really hurt so bad I thought I was going to die. Eventually the pain left but returned in my early 40's I am 48 now. Several years later I had fallen off a toboggan re-injuring it again. I am not sure how this pain came to be or if my age finally caught up to me or what. 5 years after the toboggan the pain returned shortly after being diagnosed with a P.E. in my right lung. I was on blood thinners and my tailbone pain became worse and I could only sit for 15 minutes at a time why I do not know. Coincidence who knows? Hard surfaces were impossible as well as plane rides, cars, movies, etc. Everything hurt to sit.

I tried donuts, doctors, PT therapy, manual therapy, pain killers, MRI's CT scans, X-rays, etc. Anyhow I went through a 1-1/2 years of manual treatment (not fun either) which did not help at all. Had MRI's of back, pelvis etc. Nothing showed up. After many doctors and many tests including a X-ray where one Doctor told me tailbone was bent which turned out to be untrue I found Dr. Patrick Foye (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, New Jersey). I even had one pain management doctor break open his manual to look to see where the coccyx was? He wasn't even sure where to inject. Needless to say I ran out of there pretty fast. No one seemed to have an idea of how to treat this ailment. It seemed no one knew much about the coccyx and tailbone in general.

Anyhow I found and after a few months of emails with Dr. Foye I went to New Jersey. I can't tell you what a selfless, kind and gentle man this doctor is. My pain is 95% gone and I still do have the occasional pain after sitting for 3 hours or so but nothing like the pain I endured prior to the injection. When it's time to go back to have another injection he is the man. He knows exactly what he is doing and because he also at a teaching hospital he is passing his knowledge onto others. THANK GOODNESS FOR DR. FOYE! I thought I was losing my mind for a very long time. I wish all doctors were as thorough and intelligent as he is. Skip the manual treatment and go to Foye. He can tell you what condition your Coccyx is in and whether surgery is necessary. His experience speaks for itself!

I live just outside of Chicago. It's been 2 years and holding since the injection. If/when I need another injection I will jump on plane and go right back to him. The injection didn't even hurt!!


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