Slipped on icy stairs

Jann -

Posted 2010-04-05

January 27, 2010 I slipped on icy stairs, fell and broke both my ankles, hurt my butt and shoulder. I had an x-ray on my pelvic area and was told I had a bruised tailbone. I wasn't able to stand or sit so was driven home from the hospital on a stretcher in a medical transport van.

A 'rubber invalid ring' has made it possible for me to sit on a chair otherwise I am unable to sit and have severe pain when standing.

I told the Orthopedic Surgeon, Physiotherapist and General Practitioner that my tailbone hurts all the time. No one has answers to my questions of how long to heal or what I can do to help the healing.

I am going to look into finding the personal supports I saw on your website for coccyx cushions and supports, the pool noodle and maybe even putting a soft toilet seat on my chair.

Are there any exercises and natural pain relievers that could be helpful?

Sincerely, Jann Martin

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