Suffering since coccyx removed in 1992

Suzanne -

Posted 2010-10-01

Hello, my name is Suzanne and I have suffered from having my coccyx removed since 1992.

In 1977 I had a fall and fractured my coccyx. This did not get noticed by the medical profession at the time, although I kept passing out everywhere. I was under a hospital in London for migraines and they gave me an x-ray where they discovered I had a fracture on my coccyx.

I was then sent to the orthopaedic consultant where they subjected me to, being put in a straight jacket, ultra sound treatments and pain medication. Over the next few years it seemed to have sorted itself out and I did not have the terrible pain (only aches sometimes) which I endured at the beginning.

I was nicely getting on with my life when at work one day a colleague of mine decided it was funny to move my seat as I was about to sit down. I fell straight onto my bottom and yes you guessed it I had the same problem all over again. This time I did not know if I had a fracture as I was in the middle of moving to the north (also I was not fainting) so when I moved and started my new job I seemed to suffer a lot of pain in the area again. My doctor referred me the orthopaedic doctor at the local hospital where yet again they did numerous things with me. Manipulation, ultrasound, coccyx injections and this went on and on for 2 years. They eventually decided that it would better if I had it removed ( had I known what was to follow I would never ever have had it done). I went through with the operation and they only removed part of it, and did I suffer. Then he said they would do a second operation to remove the rest of it (don't know why they never took it all the first time) I am also surprised at myself for going through the same agony again it was terrible and took me 4 months to get over (3 for the first operation). Ever since I have continually suffered (and still am) although I do have good days on occasion but it has restricted my whole life and I eventually let it consume me.

I was so depressed and no-one understood and I had no-one to talk to about it then. My doctor has supported me no end and had to constantly write to the hospital to get me seen. Eventually I was sent to the pain management clinic. Although several different things were tried like before nothing seemed to benefit or if it did it did not last long.

So this is where I am at present still being seen by my consultant (although each time it was over a year before I would be given an appointment to attend).

I have also have other back pains and muscle problems caused by compensating for my bottom pain. I have never had back ache like it and my back keeps going and I am having to walk with a walking stick for fear of falling when my muscle goes.

I have recently seen my consultant and he is recommending a neurostimulator implant.

And that is where I am at just now. Hope to have the opportunity to let you know how I get on.


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