Recovering from a fall down stairs

Bernice -

Posted 2010-10-24

Six weeks ago I had a fall down stairs at home. The impact was huge and extremely painful. Following treatment in hospital, including scans and x rays, I was told that I had fractured my coccyx and badly bruised the surrounding tissue.

The following days and week were extremely painful. I was very limited and unable to work. Any movement was impossible. I began to try to focus on improvement in some way and explored several options. My main priority was to avoid the awful restrictions that many accounts on the website described.

Following support and advice I began a regime of the following:

- magnesium sport spray (Better you) applied 2/3 times daily

- Bromelain supplement (Lifetime vitamins) 2 taken first thing in morning on empty stomach

- Glucosamine Hydrochloride (Higher nature vitamins) 1-2 daily

- Therma pads, worn as a belt for up to 8 hours

- Very gentle walking regime, start with 3 mins and very gradually increase

- Never sit on your legs, eg, do not sit at an angle or tuck your feet under you

- Avoid movement or actions which twist the spine at an angle

- Last thing at night soak in a relatively hot bath with magnesium oils

- Before sleep, cover the area with a good, high quality pain relief gel such as neurofen or one of the newer ones with added components

Very slowly, over a month or so, the above has gradually reduced the symptoms. I am now back to walking 40 to 50 minutes and moving around well. I have virtually no pain. When I have its because I have not followed the above!

I am a psychotherapist with several good contacts of other therapists who supported me in finding a way forward. All of the products can be found on either a website called 'Victoria Health', or at Boots the chemist.

I do hope the above helps someone as I was truly shocked to discover just how painful and limiting this is. The discovery of the website was truly helpful, thank you, you do a great job!!

I wish everyone much healing on their journey

Warm wishes Bernice

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