No cyst, infection or fracture

Alex -

Posted 2010-12-12

My story sounds similar to some posted but have yet to find someone describe exactly what I have been through.

The pain started gradually and developed over a week. It fluctuates day by day. Some days I can barely feel it, others (like today) I can't touch my toes. I left it for 2 weeks and went to the doctor. I don't know the correct word for it but he did an internal examination and I cannot express how badly it hurt when he found the tender spot with his fingers.

I was put on antibiotics and anti-inflamnatories for two weeks, nothing helped. I went back and he sent me for some x-rays. I read the x-ray report and it says nothing out of the ordinary. I'm really running out of money and the doctor said once he looks at the x-rays if he can't see anything to send me to an orthopedic surgeon who will send me for an MRI. I really can't afford that.

Would it be a bad idea to go to a chiropractor? Or get a remedial massage? The other stories I've read about getting MRI's have said it showed nothing, or showed something that led to surgery (something else I can't afford).

A couple of descriptions of the pain that I have not seen anyone else describe before are:

Can anyone agree that they have had the same as the above? The closest match I found was someone who posted on here back in 2005, I emailed him and his was a cyst. So I'm back at square one and guessing. (I'm not very confident with my doctor).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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