Had surgery, 9 months later still in pain

Nicole - nico@popflier.com

Posted 2010-02-28

I've been reading stories on here for ages. I've written countless "personal experiences," but never submitted any of them. I'm at my end. So frustrated. In incredible pain and very sad.

I've always been able to pin-point the pain. It's never deviated from it's location. It's always remained just where the top of my anus begins, but deep inside. Definitely a "bone" pain. If you press on that area the chances are I will be in horrible pain for the following 2 days. If I do ANY strength training on my right piriformis muscle (deep muscle beneath your main butt muscles) I will have tremendous pain in my tailbone area for a few weeks. Squats are okay to do, but any exercises where you lay on your side and lift your leg up…forget it. I'm done for.

Here's the bullet version:

Shortly after I was first injured I graduated with a BA in 3D animation after being in college for 15 years. This requires me to sit at a computer for 10+ hours per day. Unfortunately, I cannot sit AT ALL. I have an airline neck pillow that I sit on which helps SO much, but even still without significant pain meds my pain is less than manageable. I can't work, can't drive, can't go out with friends for dinner or movies or drinks, can't stand for extended periods of time, can't do much exercise as the last bits of physical therapy I did were apparently the cause of my December pain, can't do any of the things I love to do (snowboard, travel, work on my artwork (which requires me at a computer or doing hand detail work which requires me to sit at my drafting table.) The only position that is comfortable is laying down flat or on my sides. It's been like this for me for months now. This isn't living. This is absolute hell.

My doctors have given up on me. I'm out of suggestions and out of hope. I've read that some people had RH frequency done or rhyzotomy's. None of my doctors in Colorado do those. Does anyone know of someone in Colorado (Denver area preferably) who do these? Does anyone have ANY ideas of things to try? My massage therapist recommended rolfing, but my physical therapist didn't think I would be a good candidate for it. In addition to my now 6 – 7 high dosage vicodin per day I was just prescribed a medical marijuana card in December. Unfortunately, it's not doing much for me and I don't like the "high" you get, though I certainly did when years ago in highschool! Ha! However, mentally I just can't handle it right now.

If anyone has any ideas please email me.

Thanks for listening.


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