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Nikki -

Posted 2010-07-04

Hi, my names Nikki.

In August 2009 I moved some boxes into storage and at the end of the day went to relax in tub and just scraped the back of the tub on my coccyx... hurt but not terrible. Next morning I couldn't move. I had to slowly, very slowly roll my way to the edge of the bed and slowly try to make my feet touch the floor and force myself off the bed to stand.

I went to my doctors where he ordered up an x-ray of my sacral... and when results FINALLY got back to me- nothing was wrong. So I demanded he relook because I was in extreme pain and unable to pick up my child, bend, sit normally... it hurt getting up and down and in and out of cars. Most comfortable thing was walking/ waddling legs slightly wider than I normally walk. So he sent me to get my coccyx x-rayed and came back normal.

So they sent me for a bone scan in Barrie, Ontario. I went into his office to ask for results and the secretary said it was normal and tried to shoo me away! She kept saying there is nothing wrong with me. So I left and could barely push open the doors because it hurt so bad and my doctor's nurse brought me straight back to a room. They then sent me for a CT scan. When I came back with results from CT scan it was normal they said but the BONE SCAN which I had months ago at this point (and told me it was normal before) apparently it showed a broken coccyx. My doctor said I probably fractured it during pregnancy (2 years prior to this injury) and then in the tub gave it the final wack. But I had NO problems delivering my child at all. She was a easy birth, no screaming, one stitch 30 mins actually pushing baby out.

At this point he referred me to a lady to give me a cortizone shot. I also since my injury Aug. 2009 saw a chiropractor immediately for pain relief which he wasn't helping and was going to charge me over $3000 for a year of work. I stopped after I found out my coccyx was broken because I didn't want to harm it more. I never tried acupuncture because I figured it was another cost that would be 50/50 and I already was paying for a cocktail of pain meds which they kept on switching me up all the time. Most pain meds caused constipation which makes the pain so much worse! They put me on a medication called TRIDURAL (DON'T TAKE) I was told it was equal to 10 perks (without the loopy feeling) and it ended up stopping/paralyzing and bloating my stomach (gastroparesis) and I ended up non-stop puking for 14 days straight and in and out of the hospital a lot. Its been months and my stomach is still not back to normal! So now I can't have any pain meds (not even normal tylonel) because it hurts my stomach! They have me on 3 meds controlling my stomach but nothing for coccyx pain.

When I was in the hospital Dec. 2009 with gastroparesis my doctor thought I had already received my cortizone shot for my coccyx but no, hadn't seen the lady yet. Finally months go by and I get to see the cortizone shot lady. She did nerve testing and said my nerves were fine and then she told me that she only does surface cortizone shots and I need a specialist to give me a Deep cortizone shot. So next Thursday June 24 I get to see another doctor about getting my cortizone shot. Hopefully it happens, hopefully it helps.

I saw a doctor a couple weeks ago regarding my stomach. I was hoping for barium x-ray results but he didn't have them... my doctor without getting my barium x-ray results back sent me for a scope which this doctor got mad at because all this extra work on my stomach is only going to make it worse. So he said just do what I have been doing - 6 small meals a day.. with ensure drinks somewhere in there. But when this doctor heard my coccyx story he got mad at my doctor again and said that they should have removed it months ago! He kept going off on how you don't need your coccyx and if I being 21 years old cant sit normally and still am having this much pain- it should just be removed! He called up another Dr while I was in his office and discussed my situation and for some reason they agreed on waiting a couple months (so until I have been injured exactly one year) and then we will discuss removing it.

I don't trust the doctors in our area. I have heard terrible things about the doctors I've been recommended too. I would like a doctor in Ontario (between midland - Orillia - Toronto area). Someone who specializes with coccyx pain and coccyx removal. I have told the doctors over and over again but now that swelling has died down it feels like a shard/ sharp piece of coccyx bone it floating around my coccyx to the left and under it. Randomly muscle contract in bum area and its like grabbing a glass shard and feeling it slice through your skin.

I would greatly appreciate your help because I was able to find out before my doctor that it was a coccyx issue because of googling where the pain was and reading your forums. Like the sitting on the donut.... I've been suggested it but it does and doesn't help... I find it may be nice to sit straight but it puts pressure downward on the coccyx. and standing and walking helps... the only thing that has given quick relief I find is lifting one leg up slightly higher for a couple mins and switching feet... or the hospital has given toradol by needle in the bum and that gave like 3 hour relief/not total relief still though

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