Chronic pain after removal of coccyx

Howard -

Posted 2010-01-01

I must of partially broke my coccyx bone when I was 8-10 years old and did not realize it. When I was 23 in 1982 it broke loose as I walked into my house and I went to the floor in pain. Coccyx was removed and soft and falling apart. Nothing but trouble since and I was hit with irritable bowel syndrome real bad in 2003 and it attacks the lower back and urology area adding to nerve pain from coccyx all the way to the nerves going to the scrotum. Also causing burning urination uncomfortable and painful bowel movements as the nerves are damaged around the rectum also.

Have tried all nerve pain meds and epidural and ganglion nerve block. Pain doc wants to do radio frequency but I don't like the sound of that. 27 years of nonsense.

I did not know there was so many others suffering, nice to find this site. I am in Saratoga Springs NY.

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