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Posted 2010-02-21

Explanation of myself.

I am dedicated to getting people, myself first of all, into recovery from spine conditions that nobody else can fix, and to do it all for as close to zero cost as is possible. It does not matter to me if you are in a country earning a dollar a month or earning a million dollars a year ... pain is pain. The whole world pays for it.

This post

a) There are parts of this post which are pure theory - this is what the coccyx is - therefore this is how you think about treatment. This is for those who are "thinkers" and also for your chiropractors or physiotherapists.

b) There are exercises I invented based upon the model. You are as able to make up your own ... and there are some brilliant people out there.

c) A desire that you give feed back to each other and to the medical community about the alternative methods posted here... IF IT WORKS.

Note ... the goal is to get people well (see explanation of myself) and the only way to test ideas is to try them.


One of the things I have done recently to myself is work on the coccyx. There is no real treatment for this problem area ... either chiropractic (manipulation of joints) or exercise.

The treatments are mostly trial and error - that is knowledge of manipulation techniques or exercise techniques and applying them to the coccyx. Effectiveness - not very reliable or predictable.

I built a model of the spine based upon the unproved thesis that this is a vestigial tail. I say "unproved" but I think it is highly likely, and so does the vast majority of the medical community and the anthropology/evolutionary disciplines.

I theorized that a tail is used by most animals as a counterbalance to the movement of the hips. I used for this model, examples in the animal kingdom on four legs with a tail pointing straight out at the back. In some cases the body of the animal swings ... and the tail counterbalances it. (a running lion.) In some cases the individual hips move and the tail acts to counterbalance this movement. (A walking lion.)

Then I pictured this animal - but now on two legs. The tail is now pointing straight down. As a counterbalance, it is no longer very effective.

Evolution says that such no animal would waste "food" developing or maintaining a tail it does not use. Ergo it would become a vestigial tail - as per the initial assumption. However, the bones, and the muscles to use them - would remain. Which is what we seem to have.

This model says "If there is something wrong with the coccyx - the method to restore first movement, then joints, as per a real tail." So the treatment becomes obvious - replicate being on four legs ... and move the hips and try to move the tail to compensate for the hips. In other words ... "Picture yourself with a tail and wag it."

The key of "four legs" for the treatment of the coccyx is a new idea ... But ... it is not very difficult if you have a good model ... is it?

My own exercise regime.

1) Replicate the "four legged posture by going on hands and knees. I use a bed because I do not wish to hurt my knees.

2) The goal is to move your tail so picture yourself with a tail and concentrate hard on wagging it. Biofeedback.

3) Replicate stationary ... think about moving your tail with a "twitch"

4) Replicate "running" ... Your hips together and lift and lower your body like a running lion - concentrating on the "tail" at all times. The tail goes up and down.

5) Replicate a step forward. Move your right hand and your right foot forward. Now twitch the tail and move the hips slightly to pull upon the tail. Swap sides.

6) A different "step forward" - move your right hip forward like taking a step, but pull the right hand backward so your body bows sideways. Again twitch the tail, and again ... swap sides.

7) Use a combination of the various movements of the hips to make your "Tail" go in circles.

After a week - go and spend some time watching lions on the discovery channel - noting how the tail moves when their bodies move. Then apply what you have seen to your own body when you do the exercises.

Gather feedback

You people have a community of similar sufferers. You can develop these ideas with the professional experts you use for your treatments - whatever they are. You can develop other treatments more complex than these.

I hope that this will give you an idea of what the problem is - and give you concepts which allow you to begin to treat it. For example ...a chiropractor "manipulating" the coccyx with your legs bent instead of straight.

You have the community - you have a need - experiment - think - try ... and work out answers!


My goal is to find solutions as close to free as possible. I have given you a way of thinking about the coccyx.

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