Doctor just gave a prescription for some muscle relaxers


Posted 2010-12-05

I have coccyx pain off and on. I have had it for years off and on, however, earlier this year, the pain resurfaced out of the blue, and it was demonized. The pain was worse than it ever has been. My entire butt hurt. I felt like my tail bone had been crushed. I had trouble getting up or down. I had trouble moving at all. I had to have help just to get to the restroom, and cried in pain letting my body down to use it. I even lost sleep.

This extreme pain went on for 12 weeks. The pain eased a little after that, and I became a little more mobile. By June of this year, I was closer to feeling normal. The pain still comes and goes. It seems intercourse, certain types of exercise, excessive walking, (vigorous), or excessive sitting, (type of seat does not matter, soft medium, or hard), are all situations which agitate this condition. I am constantly constipated from the swelling. When I have a flare up, the protruding bone is actually visible. It usually protrudes to one side or the other. My husband gets really freaked by it. Sometimes, one whole side of my bottom is visibly larger than the other side.

My doctor doesn't take the pain serious, or so it seems. He just sort of brushed me off, until I asked more questions. At that point, he gave me a prescription for some muscle relaxers, which did not help. I thought I was alone, until I saw your site.

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