Tip of coccyx separated by 4 mm

Suman.K - sumank_gur@yahoo.co.in

Posted 2010-04-11

My wife fell down 2~3 steps and injured her back. After consulting one doctor at Bhopal we got to know that there was no injury on the spine, but he was not able to say why she was in terrible pain and was not able to walk or sit. He recommended some pain killers which helped her but the pain will resurface and would be unbearable.

So after 3 days we went to another doctor who asked us take an X ray and it revealed that her tail bone had broken. The tip (2" long) had broken and separated from the spine and the gap was some 4 mm. the doc said that nothing can be done and she has to take pain killers and after some time the body will get used to the pain and she will be fine. He advised rest for 1 ~1 1/2 months.

As we live in Hyderabad we came back and again consulted doctors but every one is saying that there is no remedy for this and if the pain is unbearable then take the pain killers. One relative of ours had suggested that there is a cure for the same in Homeopathy.

It would be great help if someone can provide us of any specialists in Hyderabad (India) or nearby or can tell us how to cope with the same.

Thanks for listening to me and hoping that my wife can get relief from this pain.



Hyderabad, India

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