Broke my coccyx originally snow boarding 9 years ago

Chrissy -

Posted 2010-08-29


I am 33 years old from Cheshire [UK] and had my coccyx removed 10 days ago - so thought I would share my experience as this site was invaluable to me in the lead up to my op.

I broke (or they think I broke) my coccyx originally snow boarding about 9 years ago - very severe pain at first and then manageable completely, so thought nothing more of it really - it was just something to live with. Then I fell pregnant 3 years ago and the pain got worse - again not crazy painful, so left it.

During labour I believe I broke it again - my little girl was a not inconsiderable 9 lb 5 oz and I had a hard labour ending up very unfortunately on my back in stirrups - the worst possible place to be with constant coccyx pain - very severe I didn't even feel my contractions! - I couldn't sit up for days afterwards and had to feed my little girl lying down - a big pain. After that I could use lots of cushions and sat OK - but its never been the same since.

After deciding I wasn't going to do that again without sorting out my coccyx I was told that there was nothing that could be done until I was pregnant again, and then they could decide what to do for the best. SO I waited patiently and became pregnant again last November. Went back to the doctors where they then told me it was too late as they would need to scan me and obviously I can't be scanned when pregnant - I was SO ANGRY. But what doesn't kill us etc.... so I just got on with it. Unfortunately the pregnancy was molar and not viable so at my 3 month scan I was told I wasn't pregnant anymore - horrible news - BUT my husband and I saw the silver lining and decided to get the coccyx sorted out before trying again.

This time I made sure I was referred - although my doctor didn't know who best to refer me to - isn't it annoying how rare and strange this seems to people! I then saw an orthopaedic surgeon in Cheadle, Cheshire - and had coccyx manipulation surgery - this unfortunately actually made the pain worse, so after a couple of months they booked me in to have it removed. Again they are unsure whether this will help, but with my fear of a second labour it was worth it psychologically to have it out for when that time comes (hopefully!).

I went in on Friday 13th (!) August 2010, and the op was about an hour. Woke up and all was fine - surprisingly comfortable. Spent the night in the hospital and there were no problems at all - I could even walk to the toilet after a few hours.

The surgeon made the incision right in my bum (down the middle - sorry to be explicit!) so there was no rubbing and I could wear underwear etc.. right away - the nurse even made a comment when he was shown by the surgeon where it was as he couldn't see it, it was so small! I haven't seen it yet but am happy its all tucked away and probably won't be able to be seen anyway.

I have been on codeine only since I left hospital - but not a lot of pain at all. I can sit on the toilet and go to the toilet absolutely fine (something which worried me before the op). but I can't sit as yet at all (for about 30 seconds with cushions), I am just lying on my side or walking around. Spent a week just at home resting as was determined to ensure I gave it the best chance possible to recover properly, and ventured out just for a few minutes walk yesterday which went well but caused more aching. I think its just a case now of keeping moving and progressing slowly each day.

I am now able to lie on my back which has been a relief as you don't think about how painful it actually is to lie on your side all the time - even eating is tricky just to get into a position to do it!

Overall I would say that this is not huge surgery in terms of recovery times - and even though I am not sitting, driving or able to pick up my daughter as yet - I would consider it a copeable recovery time. I have full hopes that I will be out and about within the next 2 weeks - as promised by the surgeon.

Definitely go for this if you are in pain - it is not a needed part of the anatomy and therefore what is the harm to get it out of your body?

I am quite fit which probably helps with recovery times, and it is a scary prospect - but it was definitely worth it from my perspective - I hope reading this helps someone else.

Good luck with anyone else out there going through similar at the moment.


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