Review - Sayer Clinic, London W8

Hilary -

Posted 2010-05-30

Having had a fall in the shower, I went to two doctors who diagnosed the pain I had around the coccyx area as a fracture.

Not content (or trusting) of their diagnosis - they both refused to x-ray the area, I called Sayer Clinic (Kensington) and had my appointment with Dr Griffiths (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London).

He was fantastic and after two x-rays, he told me that my coccyx was dislocated and he put together a plan which would eventually see it return to normal. After one appointment, I was feeling much better with virtually no pain and after that I received some treatment to completely mend any stiffness.

Thank you so much to Dr Griffiths and the Sayer Clinic for your help and after care service.

I would highly recommend the clinic for any back pain.


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