Fish oil to relieve tail bone pain


Posted 2010-05-02

I found great relief from both tail bone pain and later low back pain by taking large doses of fish oil. It is a natural anti inflammatory. I was doing great while taking fish oil and had even joined the gym for the first time in my life (I am a 58 year old female).

I ran out of fish oil about 1-2 months ago and decided to stop taking it because I was doing so well. About 3 weeks ago, while working out at the gym, I heard a loud pop in my tailbone area. I have been suffering with low back pain since. Have seen the chiropractor at least 10 times and gave up on that helping.

I went back on large doses of fish oil and after a very short time, this is the first day I feel normal.

Just a thought. See Drugs and diet and Google "fish oil" and read about it.

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